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Camlet Fashion, a leading manufacturer and textile exporters of Bangladesh has its own manufacturing units and provides services to “agent” After many years of experience Camlet Fashion has set up a team of merchandiser, quality controller, director of logistics and banking professional, experienced and dynamic.people. Our management team has a 5 stored office building and has 118 people including French stylist and Marketing Manager. The founder Managing Director honorable Mr. Babu conceived production oriented companies and in 2007 formed CAMLET FASHION. In the preceding period of over these years many more companies were created and joined the mainstream of the business under the banner of Camlet Fashion


We Operate in full the Countries Applicable Law’s, Rules and Regulations including those relating to the Labor & Environment. We ensure Appropriate and Adequate Safety and Security in our Factory. There is no Child Labor or Forced Labor at our Factory.

Finishing Section

Our Finishing Section is well organized and well Equipped. Our Finishing In-Charge also Skilled And have Sound Knowledge about Garments. Finishing In-Charge also know how to Operate Finishing Section And Getting Good Quality Get-up & Finishing of Garments. Our Finishing In-Charge always giving information & Find out Problem of Garments, which help Cutting & Sewing section to make good quality garments


Quality Concern for Everyone” is the motto for more than 650 Work Force. Quality Control Procedures are carried out the every stage during production. Right from the selection of Yarn to Knitting, Dyeing, Cutting, Sewing, Finishing and Packaging of Final Products, each process is Scrutinized and Controlled to Our Garments and Tested for Harmful substances Dyed Fabrics to the Specification and Requirements of International Standards.


Our Cutting Section is Fully Organized and Well Equipped. Our Cutting In-Charge is Skilled and have sound knowledge about Garments. That’s why he handle his Section Successfully. He is Capable to Cut Critical Design/Item. In this regard factory didn't Face any problem from Cutting to Sewing.

Design & Sampling

We have a state of the art design studio equipped with..

3 dimensional fit simulation software for virtual fitting and draping of the garment created using CAD patterns. The measurements of the fit model and garments spec is given by the client. This helps us in speeding our approval of fit, Viewing colour combination to near perfection and interaction with the customers, online or by video conferencing. The software also lets you to view how the products will look even before it is made.

Graphic Design and Forecasting We have in -house dedicated design team to do research on print graphics/embroidery and printing techniques of Speciality Garment washes. We have closely monitoring with global seasonal requirement through our market intelligent network through online subscriptions of an international services We also have a team of graphic Artists for all hand created designs.

Dyeing & Finishing

Printing is one of our chief strength. Equipped with two rotary printing machines, we produce innovative and trendy designs in pigment, reactive and discharge up to 10 colours with engineered repeat options. All Over Rotary Printing capacity – 12 Tonnes / day

Our garment spot printing division facilitates pigment and Plastizol prints on Sroke, Askme, MHM machines from Austria, Portugal, Taiwan and India. We are also capable of thermal transfer printing, flock printing and specialized prints using latest print techniques as Sublimation Printing and Digital Printing. Our printing machines are capable of creating trendy and delicate designs and it is one of our biggest fortes.


Our embroidery divisions have sophisticated Japanese and German machines using CAD/CAM designing, which enable mass scale execution of intricate embroidery in upto 9 colours with, Laser cut & Sequence, with latest technology.

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